Paddle Board Yoga

SummerSUP on the Lake

Jamesville Reservoir is the perfect spot for Paddle board Yoga with its easy access marina and calm charm you are sure to discover a new found outdoor activity with our short summer season. 

Improve balance, gain core strength, and connect with nature.  Toss in a few OMs, some attentive breathing and a few yoga postures and you have Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga... SUP 

We glide and meander wherever our breath and paddles take us and use most of the lake to play in.

Enjoy a beginner class with paddleboarding basics and a few yoga poses tossed in or a full on Yoga class on the lake.

Cobra pose takes on a new meaning as the sun bathes your face and illuminates your soul. Headstand brings fourth buoyant freedom as your feet soar to the sky. Relaxing in Savasana, the sounds of birds and the fish jumping about allows one to sink into a natural state of bliss. All levels welcome. Any session can be modified for the beginner or intensified for the advanced. 1.20 hour class.



Helena will be your lake/river-guide teaching the basic techniques on an hour and 20 min. long paddle over the calm protected  waters of Jamesville Reservoir off of Route 92. There are 2 extra stable easy to ride boards by GLIDESUP to use for class and rent.

Cost including the board and vest rental is $40 per person 
Bring your own board and vest at $20 per class.

Meet at Toads Landing at the Jamesville Marina for your session. Parking is on the street or in the lot.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your session to park and get situated.

Your board, vest , and paddle will be conveniently at the beach so you don’t have to lug any heavy equipment around!

Helena is trained and CPR certified.

Learn how to stand up paddle the efficient and correct way as we start sitting to kneeling and then standing on the board to experience the micro-movements of our core cultivation. A full summary of water safety, proper paddle technique, and equipment overview is included in each class so you feel confident to play and explore . Experience Yoga on a floating mat similar to a magic carpet ride on the healing water. 

Empower your Breath, your practice and balance on a peaceful journey across the water.

BEginner SUP YOGA and Regular Yoga on the SUP are offered

Dont be nervous if you're a first timer…This beginner class will ease you into paddle boarding and SUP yoga.                                           Each class starts with a quick lesson on the beach followed by an enjoyable paddle out ANYWHERE on the lake or near the cove. We will embark on a tranquil set of yoga postures geared towards connecting your body, breath and mind on the tranquil waters of this sweet little lake. It is a guaranteed stress reliever that will leave you feeling empowered, centered and above all refreshed. 

Private Lessons with Helena and the GLIDESUP 

If you prefer to have a private or semi private with Helena, schedule a session at your convenience at $80 per 1.15 hour. or share the time and bring a friend.

Paddle-board rental 2-3 hours for $20 at your own convenience after you have had a lesson and are prepared to go solo.

Learn to paddle efficiently from your core. Enjoy the suns warmth and reflection on your face and back with each slow sun-salutations. What you accomplish on the SUP will assist your regular yoga practice exponentially. We can even journey into a headstand on the SUP! The water is warm and the board very stable for our purposes. Whether we practice a solar hour or restorative you will enjoy this sweet interlude. YIN flow on the board after a Yang paddling session is available to any who would like to experience this healing yoga variation. Private lessons allow you to explore paddling and yoga at your own pace, and are customized to your skill, your intent, and desire for challenge! You dont have to practice yoga to get on the board-Anyone is welcome. Paddle boarding and yoga are both anaerobic exercises and excellent ways to lose weight, tone your abs and arms, lower blood pressure, and decrease stress. Discover how you can strengthen your body, journey onward and within to relax your mind as we paddle the hour away.

Email: to set up your SUP Yoga Session



Schedule an evening class with Helena for a semi private or full private (you can bring your own board or ours is included)

Anytime from 5:30 till 7 pm. M-Th. and on the weekends we are flexible.

Join the morning classes on TUESDAY/THURSDAY 9:30 am



Email: to set up your SUP Yoga Session TODAY.