A place to learn, practice and unwind 


Vyana was created from a love of yoga — it is a sanskrit name for the movement (vayu) of energy radiating outward from the heart associated with the air element. Vyana is the ever present “through-breath” that distributes and circulates our vital life force known as Prana. The qualities of this circular movement circulate, emanate, and permeate from the heart and lungs as it sustains the entire body. Vyana symbolizes the Noble Heart of Joy expanding our interconnection with humanity; to live in peace, good health and harmony.

Vyana was founded conceptually to assist others within their yoga practice and all aspects of living in health and wealth.  We believe yoga is a radical movement  “vayu”  and most definitely here to stay - creating a  significant cultural shift on a global scale. Yoga’s holistic, integrated approach and message of interconnection is how and why we are reaching out to you.  

Everywhere you look there are signs of people living more consciously, through attention and intention, in their daily life.  Cultivation of this transformational journey begins with health and wellness, personal development, and ultimately spiritual awakening. This “brand” new outlook is creating a niche for the consumer to make better purchase decisions pervading an ever-wider range of venues and products that inspire them in their pursuit of awareness, healing and transformation.

Vyana is considered the central hub and heart of the physical body where the center and fourth chakra resides. Anahata Chakra is known as the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. This deeply resonates with our connection to each person seeking guidance or a community to share our yoga experiences. We are extending our reach (as this vayu is known to do)  to support your practice on the mat or on the road with attention to intention.

We are here for you and those whom are seeking a compassionate community to nurture, support and assist your practice and positive destination of health, wellness and embodied living