Yoga for Arthritis

Tree Pose with Side Bend

Standing Anahata

Lift out of the pelvis as you firmly root to rise.

Lunge Variation with Arm Extended

Create space and reach with supple power in this assymetrical Lunge variation

Janusirsana Variations with Heart Opening

Seated Twist with Shoulder Opening

East-West Stretch/Pascimottanasana to forward fold variations

HastaPada and Long Loop Hold

Double-Wrist Hold


Supta Hasta Padangusthasana with Mudra and Variations

Double Wrist Hold with Adjustable Loop

Setu Bandasana - Bridge Pose

With Sacrum Stability, Pelvic Floor Integration, and Polarity Hold

Bridge Pose with Shoulder Integration

Bandha Cultivation (Yogic Locks)

Shalabhasana to Bow Pose Stages

Bow Pose with Anjali Mudra

Camel Pose

HastaPada (Stationary Loops on Each Foot/ Adjustable Loop Long

Hip Opener with BackJack HastaPada (moving toward lotus pose)

Navasana Variations - What Floats Your Boat Pose

Easy Peel Bananasana Variations