Yoga for Men Only.

An all men's yoga class to enhance any sport you play such as golf, basketball, tennis or running to name a few.

Helena is a seasoned teacher with 15 years of teaching experience and therapeutic techniques to assist in you with your flexibility and also muscle resiliency.

As we age it's most important to stretch and discover new ways to assist in relieving stress from our bodies and minds. This men's class is a great opportunity for you to do yoga on your own terms and discover what everyone is talking about.

Learn basic techniques and adapt them to your lifestyle or yoga practice for health, vitality and wellness.

This is a MENs only yoga class for all you guys who want to discover some anxiety reduction, increase concentration, learn to strengthen and stretch simultaneously to maintain your youthful appearance and most importantly assist in your overall health.

This class is an opportunity for men who are athletes to train together and assist the other sports you love so well. (golf, tennis basketball, skiing, sumo wrestler, cyclist, martial artist, hockey player)

Spend an hour with Helena to assist in any injuries and feel supported in your practice.

Build resiliency into your life with the practice of yoga


Flow with Yin

A slow and powerful Yin inspired flow with deep core stability working three dimensionally with breath and awareness. A great way to begin the week with increased energy and restore sore muscles after a busy workout warrior weekend.

Develop resilience with inner strength and flexibility to deepen your yoga practice and facilitate healthy patterning. 


Hatha Flow

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga which concentrates on the physical health and mental well-being. The word haṭha literally means "force" and thus alludes to a system of physical techniques for a sound, healthy body, with clarity, and peace of mind.

This slow vinyasa flow uses traditional yoga poses implements bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana) to help relieve stress and compliment the body-mind connection.


Hold & Flow

Discover alignment, serenity and power in this delicious slow flow. Synchronize breath with movement and (dristhi) concentration with attention. Move through a slow Vinyasa flow sprinkled with spontaneous holds to build strength, balance and mobility.