Registered Nurse


500E~RYT PranaFlow® Shiva Rea (Mentor/Assistant)

Ayuryoga® 500RYT

200 APT ~ Applied Polarity Therapist

Second Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

Certified Pelvic Floor Teacher (LH),

Anatomy & Principles ~ Leslie Kaminoff

Anatomy Trains ~ Tom Myers

Restorative ~ Judith Hanson Lasater

Helena has taught Hatha and Prana Vinyasa® Yoga for over 17 years in the Syracuse, NY area. She graduated nursing school and immediately worked as an ICU and OR nurse. She eventually stayed home to raise her 3 children and fortuitously discovered a new love (and also some sanity) in yoga.  A daily practice healed many an exterior wound on the physical plane, alleviated fear and anxiety within the mental realm while leading a new found passionate life from the Heart.

For those who know her, Helena is a notorious dream-weaver, inspirational addict, and proliferous intention seeker.  She has a deep love for yoga and continues to evolve her holistic teaching and therapeutic approach with ardent practice, and patience. Yoga has developed an insightful intuition and perspective from the many fluent studies and styles of yoga. This wide approach brings a wealth of knowledge from other avenues of wellness and progressive styles of yoga.  Modern Yoga is currently becoming mainstream and very functional for every generation and level of practice.  Helena has a deep understanding to blend many of these modalities into one class or an embodied session or practice. As Yoga reinvents itself in the modern day world it has become a synthesis of modern science within the brilliance of the ancient practice. 

Yoga is the art of movement within the breath and where we discover the therapy of the practice for any and all. 

Helena enjoys being an assistant and mentor to other students for her first love Pranaflow®  with her beloved teacher- Shiva Rea and has a deep respect for living fully in life through each moment and every possibility.

Helena is the Foundress of Vyana llc., as well as Vyana Yoga & PolariTea in Manlius N.Y.

The mission of Vyana has always been to Create Sacred Space in body, mind and place.

Vyana’s products and New Studio are full of positivity and intention.
Vyana evolved from a deep understanding and love of yoga, which eventually led to the inspiration of the HastaPada® yoga strap & portable VediVaahans.

Helena has been blessed to travel, teach, and study with numerous master teachers in a therapeutic and sacred approach. The overall style of yoga is for anyone and everyone and that includes blending eastern and western modalities for her students and herself. She infuses the art of movement with therapeutic touch and the heart wisdom of life from the heart. Helena teaches mindful loving classes in a mystical, magical, and grateful way through the art of lyrical breath and sacred movement as an evolutionary method of embodied transformation and radiant health. 

Helena has presented at the Toronto Yoga Conference, the International Symposium of Yoga Therapists and Holistic Conferences in the USA, teaches workshops across the US,  and written articles for Yoganonymous and Elephant Journal.

She teaches HastaPada®, Ayurveda, Ayuryoga, Any Yoga, and Embodying the Female Pelvis workshops.

A devotee of Shri in fashion and life; Helena can be found roaming the forest with her Pups, SUPing in upstate NY, observing the open sky, and teaching at Vyana Yoga as well as Syracuse University. The wanderings of a gypsy are in her ancestral roots- from a bygone era. Helena is Happily Adventurous in travel with a Vedi enroute to yoga conferences and workshops across the country or dancing the night away under a full moon or any kind of moon for that matter.

Vyana is the purveyor of illumination and love emanating from the origin, 
to arise and ignite our sacred path touching the divine in the midst of daily life.