Chair Yoga

Sitting Hamstring Stretch with Wrist Hold

Standing Balance Pose with Bracelet Hold

Dancer Pose Balance with Chair and Mudra

Tadasana - Mountain Pose with Side Bend Variations

Warrior Goddess Vira 2

Uttanasana - Chair Pose Variations

Shoulder Mobilization with HastaPada Wristlet Hold

Navasana~ Boat Pose Variations

Sitting Pigeon Variations with Wristlet Hold and Mudra

Safely encourage and protect Hip joint  rotation, enhance biceps, employ mudra

Chair Lunge Dancer -Natarajasana Pose Stages

Twisted Chair - Utkatasana

Create stability and strength deep in the core from the foot on the floor

Chair Twist - Up in Arms

Sitting Hamstring Stretch with Mudra

Encourage breath and deep core engagement from the sole of the foot.

Half Lotus with Back*Jack Wrap

Bracelet Hold - Leg Lifts and Mudra