HastaPada® Yoga Strap & Mat Carrier

The HastaPada® Yoga Strap and Mat Carrier offers an innovative 3-Loop System (one adjustable loop and two stationary loops) that fits either a hand (hasta) or foot (pada) promoting agile and efficient maneuverability to deepen many poses and provides an opportunity to develop good patterning while gradually improving. The multi-functional HastaPada yoga belt supports you and your practice with increased steadiness, security and ease whether you are carrying your mat or carrying along your yoga practice.

The Adjustable Loop functions like a Lasso Style Loop with the brass buckle on one side of the two stationary loops.

The Mandala Loop is where the buckle is placed to use the entire strap in a large circular fashion -the buckle can slide and glide from the other side of the stationary loops or the entire belt length.(both types below).

Mix and Match the desired length of the adjustable loop according to your needs whether in the large Mandala Loop or the Side Lasso Loop. Just slide and glide the brass buckle back and forth to lengthen or shorten the distance required for each pose or your personal reach.

The Two Stationary Loops are spot on and readily available for quick and easy hand or foot placement. The classic version of grabbing a belt or wrapping it around your hand a few times can create tension in the forearm, shoulder and upper back. The HastaPada yoga strap encourages a relaxed hold with pre-made loops that reduce clenching and can even be easily held with only 2-fingers at times. There are incremental variations to accommodate your desired length; even looping through the loop is a smart way to dive deeper and get closer to the next stage of a pose.

The HastaPada yoga strap is the GO TO prop to #propyourpose, advance your practice and deepen stretches. Our unique and all inclusive design assists in achieving optimal alignment with greater awareness in many poses and can shed light on your practice that could take years without this tool. The HastaPada yoga belt is a valuable, progressive and therapeutic tool for standard use and out of the loop thinking. This tool supports other styles of yoga efficiently and easily. Increase your mobility, resilience and strength with continued use to assist in stretching the belly of the muscle instead of the joint. This allows you to create a practice that is intelligent and sustainable now and for years to come.

The HastaPada yoga belt is the perfect prop to use at home with multiple variations of poses and countless ways to hold the strap. Seamlessly incorporate the HastaPada yoga strap in all styles of yoga (hatha, restorative, flow). This is a fabulous yoga accoutrément for anyone, from the dedicated beginner to the advanced practitioner. Carry your mat with this multi-functional strap then weave it through your class or home practice. Its also a fantastic therapeutic tool to assist those who suffer from arthritis with our “hands-free” option as well as those who want to create less stress in the shoulder and wrist from gripping a belt.

The HastaPada yoga strap promotes an intuitive awareness of the physical pose which is the embodiment of a yoga pose. To embody a pose is to feel the entire possibility of its advanced version even if you are not in that stage. It is a handy tool for teachers to easily support their own practice, an informative prop to encourage students progression safely, and also an enhancing addition to promote therapeutic assists.

Our HastaPada yoga belt is soft and extremely durable for vigorous physical use and quite possibly the only yoga strap you will ever need. This yoga strap will last a lifetime or two. Made of high quality washed denim weave, this delightful belt feels like a cherished yoga toy or just like your favorite soft and durable jeans. Each yoga strap is embroidered with the elegant and inspirational mantra- OM Mani Padme Hum (May the Jewel of Consciousness Be Joined with the Hearts Lotus) to usher in loving kindness and fluid mindfulness within each breath and the breadth of yoga.


The HastaPada® is the same strap whether in Lasso/Side Loop or Mandala/Large Loop.

For your convenience- the buckle has been placed in the Overall Loop/Mandala or Side-Loop/Lasso version for ease and efficiency so you don't have to move the buckle to change the loop over the 2 stationary loops during a practice. This adjustable loop only takes a moment to change- although quite nice to have them in their "ready to go" loops it is not necessary to purchase both unless you choose to.


HastaPada: Large Overall Adjustable Loop


HastaPada: Original Lasso Adjustable Side Loop

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Side Lasso and Overall Loop - Belt Combo


Purchase both HastaPadas for $60! 

Receive one in a Lasso (original) Loop and the other in a Overall(Large Loop) plus a FREE Bandha Bag while supplies last.

Each Loop will exponentially expand and illuminate your yoga poses with efficiency and support - for your convenience and opportunity to advance your yoga practice safely and securely.

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Download and print the Therapeutic/Arthritis brochure!                                       Download and print the HastaPada pamhplet!

Check out the tutorials to see how you can use your own HastaPada® Yoga Strap.