Managing March with Compassionate Touch <3

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Through the ever changing winds of March lies a potent transition with fresh possibilities abounding. Human nature has a way of mimicking the effects of the season as the cold winds of March reign in the evolution of spring transforming the dormant slumber of winter into a catastrophic riot of emergence. The gusty gales stimulate life to blossom between opposing forces of nature, similar to a madcap seasonal game of tag with spring like temperatures that can spontaneously plunge into the depths of a winter only to revert back in a flash to spring.

Botanists say that trees need the powerful March winds to flex their trunks and main branches,
so the sap is drawn up to nourish the budding leaves. Perhaps we need the gales of life in the 
same way, though we dislike enduring them.
~ Jane Truax

Major fluctuations in spring-like weather can leave one unsettled and absentminded at this 
time of year provoking restlessness and unease. What better mode of contact for the largest 
sensory organ of our body, than the power of touch to nurture and calm. The deep "finger-like 
roots" keep a tree grounded to the earth - so too can we keep grounded by nurturing touch 
through YOGA, body massage, a caress, holding hands, a pat on the back, a hug, high fives, 
or any type of compassionate manifestation of skin to skin contact will root, calm and settle the
most gusty personality. 

The positive effects of compassionate physical contact generously fosters serenity, relaxation, and trust.Touch is our innate connection to the physical world we live in; it is the first sensation in utero and the final sensation when we leave our physical bodies. The definitions of touch are - body/physical contact, pressing lightly, to have an effect on someone or something, to affect someone emotionally, to consume something, the feeling of senses or touch, a small amount or a distinctive style, communication - as in keep in touch. The profound importance, and yet sometimes overlooked, sensation elicits abundant joy and happiness essential to our well being. It appears touch represents our deep connection to life in and of itself.

Your friends, students, family, children, spouse or lover will be deeply touched by your intention
through touch. It is the small gestures in life that make a phenomenal difference to all we care 
about. Touch is a gesture or body movement to express meaning, thereby an action through 
communicating intention we can invoke compassion, guidance, respect and love.

Serenity and relaxation through compassionate touch is the key to tranquility. To touch 
someone's heart, to touch your soul, to touch the divine in the midst of chaos, to keep in touch,
a touch of class, touch and go, touch wood, a touch of genius, a touch of madness, I'm deeply 
touched by your ... Feelosophy.
Go ahead and touch someones heart ... I dare ya!

~Ralph Waldo Emerson