The Auspicious ESSENCE of TIME ~ January 2015

We all are moving back toward the light and entering a new beginning... once again.

For some of us each mOMent is a new beginning and not just the New Year date. The ending of a year and the beginning of another is a vast potential portal of what was and what is to BEcome.

The New Year is powerful reminder of TIME.  Real or Illusion.

"Time is on Our Side", "Time is of the Essence", "Time Heals all Wounds", "Time is Money", "So Many Men So Little Time", "Do you have the Time?" , "In a Timely Manner".  These are all relative quotes and statements to Kala/Time and represent powerful questions of our existence;  be it limited or limitless. 

And so when the New Year and first week of January rolls out we notice... BIG TIME!

The Mandala of time seems to quicken its pace each year we circle the Sun. How does tan alternate timeline sequencing seem possible as a perpetuality?  Is there an illusion of time travel right here on earth?  Are we living faster lives creating a fracture in the time/space continuum with electronic devices and a Vata disturbed lifestyle, or does time project swiftly like a waterfall on its exhilarating journey as it tumbles and courses along with gravity on its side?

A myth or reality? Perception or Cognition? Does time really go by faster the older we become? There may be no steadfast simple answer to this age old phenomenon; yet there could be a very simple solution. Lets investigate a few paradoxical sentiments regarding Time/Space and Age from a Doshic standpoint.

I  questioned my creative, impulsive, spontaneous, fun loving and sometimes deranged VATA friend why they thought time flew by faster as we age and she said  "Because we are spinning faster, really.... we are losing time everyday!  The world is revolving and the universe is at its half life where time moves onward picking up speed. The days are getting shorter, they really are --- its a documented fact!"  How ? I ask.  "I don't remember but I read it somewhere." Fascinating!!

I proceeded to ask my lovable, consistently reliable, kind KAPHA friend and his reply was   "We become more still and reflective the older we get, our thoughts become more indepth.  We think, we muse, we ponder eliciting a rushed response to make a decision is only done when provoked.  We move and relate a bit slower internally so time seems to go by faster all around us because people and "the lifestyles of the itch and aimless" are  moving in a blur of unattached activity".  Intriguing!

This promptly prompted me to  ask my PITTA predominant goal oriented friend what they thought .  "We are completely preoccupied and have more to do in modern society- literally with no time left to relax. There is so much more responsibility as you age, the sandwich years, more activities, a bigger "to do" list that never ends and when you look at your day the time has just been chock full and flies by. Where did it go? I just made my bed and now Im' turning down the sheets. How did that happen? What the F*&k did I do today" Unbelievable!

Your perception of time is how you relate to life... your Life.

This exact time in your life and the attention to your intention is what "sets about time".  We come to our perceptions by living an experiential life with emotions, feelings, and more, a life of stored images and memories that vividly color our inner world. When younger, everything we do is New and Exciting. When something is new to you there is much more to absorb, assimilate, think about and digest. Years later, when you rediscover that memory, it seems as if it lasted longer than actuality. Memories are elongated within our mind, as an illusion, that time has deeply embedded those provocative images in your brain. Your brain encodes new experiences with past experiences (lush lingering scenes at 10 years old vs sketches of another regular day past 50 years and older).  First occasions are novel events we tend to make more elaborate and detailed with lasting memories. When we repeat the event, year after year, it is less likely to make a unique or lasting impression.

Observe the same phenomenon in a shorter space of time. For instance, the first couple of days of a 2-week vacation seem leisurely. You're grateful that time is going slowly. But, the next thing you know, it's over and you are packing your bags! That new romance with butterflies in your stomach, dating, a first kiss and before you know it, it's your 20th anniversary. Days are long and years Zip by.

In answer to "the perception of time", is to TAKE THE TIME to notice life and slow the pace down, at least psychologically.

When we breathe deeper and longer we expand the boundaries of time.

Pause to INHALE the flowers, watch the sun set and EXHALE, star gaze under a mid-summer night, have a glass of wine by the fire with a friend,, learn a new language, be yoga, join a sport or club...  take advantage of new and unique experiences.


Allow YOGA to enter your life, in the union of everyday life, so that you may thoroughly observe each breath and moment as a blessing, a new beginning and a novelty.  When we do the same thing with the same mindset time seems to march on but with a novel and curious approach we are recreating a positive perception encouraging distinct memories. Focus on past memories that are positive in order to discover many an INDIVIDUAL MOMENT in time, which allows us to hold a positive perception of the future full of hope and optimism.


Bending Time and Space                                                                                                                   

 In Gratitude and Grace,