The First New Moon ~ January 20th, 2015

The Perfect Day to Set Your Year Long Intention

The New Moon represents another portal and beginning. It is the initiation process for the potent renewal and Intention of what you would like to procure as the moon waxes (with an array of quantum possibilities) in the night sky.  Allow this opportunistic time to discover the powerful energy of January's first New Moon. Map out a  plan of action that is do-able, realistic, and attainable every day within your ability and time. Be it five minutes a day or 30 minutes.

The beginning of January (as the moon wanes) was a time to look inward and allow the reflective qualities of the moons luminosity emanate with another new beginning.  Set the tone, make a simple plan of action, and manifest your dreams or desires for 2015.  From the darkness of this new moon we have a clean slate to make a plan and carry on. We can set the tone for our enlightenment with a new thought process, a realistic goal, an exercise routine, yoga pose, or counter-pose. Its time to make the magic of our dreams a reality.  The small changes we make in the day to day intentions that we have set multiply and set the pace.

Our mat is a sacred space of transformation  and allows us to move with attention in the physical realm and realize where our thoughts, negativity and so called failures show up within our bodies and breath. We all know (far too well) where we carry our tension and our practice is the re-patterning to release tension and start anew.

Our Yoga practice changes our bodies as it transforms our mind and thought patterns. This is the beauty of sadhana- to Yin our Yang, so to speak, and discover the balance of being. Within this BEing we become enlightened to a new way of thinking. This evolutionary process is a revoltuion and will allow us to  "see" a new passage or portal into our future.

Along with this powerful energy of moving forward there is a waft of potent energy around this New Moon in Aquarius with equal opportunity for those who chose to allow a new way of thinking, observing, facilitating and changing any old patterns that we may need to just let go.


Since the 1st of January I have been playing around with the top three daily poses to do 365 days/ year along with Ayurvedic implements and daily spiritual readings.  It started out with 3 poses graduating to 21 pose (kramas to a pose- yoga chikitsa), 3 books to read daily, and an extra ayurvedic addition amidst my many a dinacharya(daily ayurvedic rituals).  If I kept the entire list it would take me 6 hours to leave the house or I would have to wake up at 3 am every day. NOT gonna happen in this householder life.  In the end I let go and edited my A list like the Emmy's decide what will be in the top list. So here it goes.

Simplicity is the  key to unlock the door of  opportunity.

Know how much time you can do each day (like brushing your teeth) and then implement your 3 small tasks whether they be self care, a thought change, diet, mindfullness or purposeful intentions.  To make a small change each and every day is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.  The path to be healthy, happy, and successful is to live stress-less without attachment and that means to simply do it.

As a Vata I have to keep it ~potent and simple ~
which is the most difficult thing to do  since there are way too many options for us and we can get side tracked so easily... LOL.  Fortitude is my attitude here and now to do these things without attachment,  yet with purpose, and my complete art of attention.


#1     Patanajalis Yoga Sutras -  revisit my first "yoga" book reading a stanza every a.m. after pranayama and before meditation.
# 2     3> Simple Therapeutic Poses
           Independent as Yoga Chikitsa (ayurveda/yoga therapy)
#3     3 minutes/day personal Aerial yoga to Nasayana with Dr. Lad's Super Nasaya Oil  (hang upside down/spinal decompress -even we yogis multi-task) .
Can you add three to 20 minutes to your day for you?
Add a shoulder opener to relieve your tightness at your desk at work every hour. Fold forward in your chair to relieve your lower back 3 times per day. Take a daily 10 minute walk as a meditation. Eat mindfully. Stop speeding. Floss your teeth. Chew your food at least 20 times per bite. Meditate for 1 minute or 3 minutes each morning. Learn one new breath-work or pranayama and implement it. (do I sound like your Mom? lol )

These are the small intentions that add up immensely as the year transpires. This is similar to a trickle of water over time... for it is in the daily practice in action and deeds where change happens and transformation blossoms beyond our wildest dreams.

Make the BIG picture roll for your Brand New World.
Your invitation is in the darkness of the New Moon... where its illuminating powers will lead you to

"Your Time to Shine".

Shine Bright and Illuminate Your Life.

I know you do mine.