~Mantra in Motion~Mudra in Devotion~

The SYMBOLIZATION of Mantra and Mudra

Mantra MatMudra® Symbolization


The meaning behind our Mantra MatMudra® and how to use the one of choice for your yoga practice or sadhana.

Mudra is a term or Hindu word with many meanings. It can be used to signify a gesture, a mystical position of the hands, a seal, and even a symbol. The term mudra by definition is simply “symbolic gesture” or as a symbol or action or gesture.

Mudra symbolically seals or “stamps” the mark of a divine god or goddess on the practitioner like a signet ring stamps an impression in soft pliable wax signaling complete devotion and self surrender.

Practice... and all is coming.

I enter the room and find my spot on the wooden floor ready to let go of the outside world and delve into yoga - MY yoga; the blissful state ofbreathing meditation within sacred movement. As I unroll my mat I catch a glimpse of this Dedication or Mantra at the top of my magical carpet. This is a mantra to resonate within this practice for the soul of my meditative flow . I stand here ready to practice in this very sacred space and place.

Mantra and Mudra.

Mudra is a symbol of who you are and who I am. But do we know in our hectic lives who we are when we bustle about? Only when I quiet my mind and clear the slate do I get a glimpse of"Who am I' "Who I am". I am in this moment and potent process of becoming. This incredible journey is in the here and now.

As I set the foundation of my sadhana I feel a deep connection with Mother Earth and her qualities. She represents the grounding stability and nurturing resource of nature in all its glory. As i consciously place my hands on my mat in Hasta Bandha and my feet root down through Pada Bandha. I feel a direct vibrational link coursing through my body with the qualities of the earth element. I am home on my mat harmonizing and syncopating within each movement, throughout each pose and within the inhalation and exhalation of the inflow and outflow of breath. Giving and Receiving.

My body is a reflection of a profound dedication to this life force as it transitions in a series of Mudra's within each Vinyasa.  Communicating with myself and nature in its purest form of a bodily prayer.

Symbolization links Atman (the true self) with all of consciousness. The physical, emotional and spiritual practice of Yoga is the the union of a deep cosmic awareness void of time and space; its a divine place or Realm between heaven and earth. There exists a manifest glimpse of the divine within each and every breath and movement of supreme consciousness.

Pranayama is the first entity in yoga as the air element with the surrender of our breath to communicate within ourselves and go within the practice.

The entire practice of yoga from dedication to pranayama, asana and repose is a salutation to the divine within.  From the purest joy within our being is a dedication to the practice and to a higher realm.  Asana(poses)- become a movement in meditation. Within each movement is a particular way to place the body initiated and culminated by breath through awareness, observation and dedication formulating a body mudra or symbol of divine love.

Mudra (mud) joy and (ra) to give- a seal, stamp or hand pose

Mudra's are called energetic seals because they seal – mudranat- the energy of the universe in the body, leading to a higher state of consciousness.

Mudra's are one method to hold prana in the body in a beneficial way of healing, cleansing and activating spiritual and physical release. They are used as rituals, offerings, salutations and a means of meditation

Mudra's express feelings and convey meanings such as clarity, knowledge, courage and more. You can offer a mudra to a god or goddess, nature god, guru, teacher, friend, and stranger…..

Contemplate and observe the offering of mantra from the Mantra MatMudra® as a symbol of a unique reflection and mirror of the higher self. Our practice is about conveying an esteemed dedication and practice to the universe, we are connected to all of life and each other.

Mantra MatMudra: address the given joy that illuminates from your mat to the universe. OM Shanti.