AUGUST and the Super-Moon 2015

We are approaching the final days of summer with kids heading to school and college, a return to routine, with shorter days and cooler nights. The winds of transformation can be seen rustling the trees and migrating the heavier clouds on the horizon of September.
The Supermoon (technical name “perigee-syzygy.”) is August 29th and it is the first of three consecutive this year.
This full moon is considered close to the earth and in Pisces- a water sign, bringing with it a state of fluidity, and otherworldly creativity. It is a time where we are being called upon beneath the surface of the waters of perception, and the magical tide of our deep connection and communication to the universe.
Pay close attention to your thoughts, visions, and dreams during this astute and clairvoyant time. 

Each Full Moon is the reflective quality of what is on the dark side of the moon and our ego consciousness. We are drawn to the light, but can we wholeheartedly look within the darkness to fully acknowledge and understand our own luminescent qualities?
You may want to dive in and swim with this strong Neptune pull but walking along the shoreline is most needed now to stay focused and not get swept away in the Piscean ethereal sea.

Since Pisces is all about fins and feet....
Stay grounded, move from your feet, ankles, and heels with intention and purpose walking with each step in life under the moons clarity. 
Fall is also the season of Vata bringing with it the winds of change. Its a great time to root firmly in yoga and our daily activities, to stay grounded knowing the work is now.

Practice and all is coming. Live and all is Being.  Love and all is kNowing.

If we actively surrender to the spiritual energy of the moon and the luminescent fullness we can open the windows of perception and enter into a shift of light consciousness. 

There is beauty in Active Surrender for Surrender is a Will-Full Act.

Root Firmly

Step Lightly


and How Do you say?  

Well that is a question for another day.