Hope Springs Eternal ~ March'ing into Spring

Few things in life embody HOPE as effortlessly as March and spring.

Can you feel the lightness and inner joy as we march into this month and spring around the corner?!

March is a profoundly energetic month of transition and transitions us into another season and new-found freedom of spring!

The name March comes from ancient Rome and originally was the first month of the year named after Martius - Mars, the roman god of war. March certainly feels like it is at war with nature and the battle is eventually won by Nature and Spring!

It is the youthfulness of spring that swells with the promise of hope, the hope that "Springs eternal" is within each blossoming day as we move closer toward the light. March is also synonymous with progress and to advance or move forward; this analogy is is a perfect compliment with the transition of winter to early spring. A harbinger of fresh air with longer days as winter eventually fades and not a moment too soon for Hope does Spring eternal. March is a bipolar month of opposing forces of nature; from snow flurries to rain showers, raucous winds and chirping birds, back to severe cold and then warm spring like days. Life has a way of abandoning the destitute of winter to blossom and evolve into the possibilities and potentialities of spring. We find ourselves smiling with a "Spring in our Step" as we abandon the heavy layers of winter to bask in the hope of a new awakening - Spring. The tenacious quality of nature, in its evolutionary cycle, is to to evolve as if by magic; yet evolution takes place quite naturally in an objective state of transition and transformation.

Take a chance to allow Hope to Spring eternal and see the change of transformation bubbling from your sacred inner Spring.

Hope has many perspectives and represents something different to each individual.
Confidence, expectation,desire, optimism, aspiration, anticipation, dreams, wishes, courage, a plan or goal and faith. 
Hope is to believe in the power of positive thinking and its effect on the overall energetic field of each being. Perspective is what you see and how you view life. If we could view our life like the month of March - full of possibilities; ever knowing that radical change is taking place within this aberrant cycle of transition; a new beginning will ultimately flourish just as spring awakens.

Our lives are so full and blessed.

To believe and trust in the divine course of our life is to have hope hope cannot survive with fear.

Fear cannot survive with love.

People who love and believe in themselves are fearless - they take that all consuming fear and flip it to make a transition - from fear to love and hope to empowerment. Whenever we let go of our fear or surrender to it we are allowing our "inner guide" to take over and use that fear as a bridge to love, to hope or to give passion to that which is our dharma or calling in life.

Where is your hope and to what is your devotion? For whatever we hope for and desire we become.
In the scope of your life may you find Hope, an Inner Hope that is as divine as a glorious blossoming spring day... Your possibilities are endless

Springing into the Season,

Love and Hope,