IAYT and SYTAR: Symposium on Meeting of the Schools

Join Helena at the International

Symposium on Yoga Therapy in Newport California June 4-7, 2015

Embodying the Flow: Mantra in Motion~Mudra In Devotion

Join me with an open heart and willingness to delve deeper into life's greatest gift... union of body, mind, and spirit through sacred breath. This class can be as challenging as you wish with adaptations depending on your needs in the mOMent.

Opening with the potency of inhale merging with the resolution of exhale we will begin our devotional journey.

Meandering through a slow-flow pure-pose-full vinyasas as a meditation and affirmation of an undying prayer to reveal the divine energy manifesting in physical form.  Krama's will be offered for deep hip, shoulder and heart opening poses, powerful twists, and seated poses returning to the call of transformation in savasana.

A movement oriented class for deep fascia release. Props are encouraged. Your participation is most welcome.


Here is a link to the presenters and programs offered.